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Entering and Submitting Expenses on Behalf of Staffers

Just as with entering time for users, system administrators can enter and submit expenses on behalf of staffers. This privilege can also be extended to other BigTime users, such as managers, if given the appropriate security rights. Here is a step-by-step look at the process for submitting another user’s expenses. 

1. Click on TIME/EXPENSE...MY EXPENSES in the menu bar. This will bring you to the Expenses dashboard.


2. Select the staffer from the picklist menu. This picklist is located on the right side of the dashboard. Using the dropdown arrow, select the employee from the list available. 

3. Create a new expense by clicking on ADD NEW EXPENSE. Following the directions detailed in Creating a New Expense Entry, input expense details. Then click SAVE or SAVE+NEW if you have additional expenses to add. 

4. Once you’re ready to submit the expense(s), navigate to and click the SUBMIT EXPENSES button at the bottom of your screen. 

5. Click SUBMIT EXPENSES to complete the submission process. Before clicking the submit button, refer to Submitting Expenses for more detail on selecting a batch of expenses and renaming your report. 

6. Submit expenses a user has already entered and saved. To submit an unsubmitted expense on behalf of a user, return to the Expenses dashboard, select the staffer from the picklist, and click on the hyperlink that says UNSUBMITTED EXPENSES to view and submit any previously entered and saved expenses.


TIP: Show Me the Staff Picklist

By default, system administrators have access to the staff picklist from the Expenses Dashboard. Managers or users that have been given special privileges to enter and submit expenses on behalf of staffers will see only a picklist of employees for which they are responsible and/or permitted to manage. To read more on this process, refer to Customizing User Access Rights.
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