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Submit Multiple Expenses and Receipts Together

When you’ve got several expenses for a project or client, consider submitting all relevant expenses and receipts together to save time. This article will show you how.

Click TIME/EXPENSE...EXPENSES to access the expense feature in BigTime, then follow these steps:

1. Click UNSUBMITTED EXPENSES to access your unsubmitted expenses.

2. Click the button labeled SUBMIT EXPENSES near the end of your window.

3. Check the box ALLOW me to select the expenses I’d like to include. Doing so gives you the freedom to choose the expenses you want to include in this bundled expense.

Note: You can edit the report name by typing directly into the field.

4. Check the boxes on the left-side of the window to choose the expenses you want to include in this expense report.


5. Click SELECT A FILE to upload receipts.

6. Add your receipts to the expense. You can group all of your receipts together in a single PDF and upload a single PDF for all submitted expenses. 

7. Click SUBMIT EXPENSES to submit your expenses.



TIP: Use Your Smartphone To Submit Expenses With Receipts

You can also easily submit expenses—with receipts—using our mobile app for your iPhone and Android. To add receipts, click on the camera icon and your phone’s camera will pull up. Then, take a picture of the receipt, save it, and add it to your expense entry.




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