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Submit Multiple Expenses on an Expense Report

You’ve drafted several expenses, and now you’re ready to submit them all together in one expense report. This article will show you how.


1. Click TIME/EXPENSE...EXPENSES from your navigation bar.


2. Click on the hyperlink UNSUBMITTED EXPENSES, near the top of your window.


A new window will populate with your drafted, but unsubmitted expenses.


3. Click the button labeled SUBMIT EXPENSES, near the end of your window.


4. Name the report by typing into the textbox under REPORT NAME. Once an expense report has been submitted, it can’t be renamed.

5. Submit your drafted expenses either one of two ways: submit all of your drafted expenses together in one expense report, or select the expenses you want to include on the expense report and only submit the selected expenses. We’ll explain both options.

Submit all of your drafted expenses by clicking SUBMIT EXPENSES.


Or select specific expenses to include in the report by checking the box: ALLOW ME TO SELECT THE EXPENSES I’d like to include. On the left side of your window, you can select the individual expenses you’d like to include in the expense report.

You can also choose to add more files, such as receipts.


6. Click SUBMIT EXPENSES to submit your expenses.


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