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Assign an Activity to a Staffer

System admins can add activities for individual staffers to complete, such as make a phone call or write an email. Staffers can also add activities themselves as a reminder to call a client, for example. And if a staffer has management rights to other staffers, then they can assign tasks to other staffers.

This article will explain a few ways to create an activity in BigTime. Then, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions at the end.


Create an Activity With the Bigtime Inbox

There are two ways to create an activity. First, we’ll explain how to create an activity using your BigTime inbox. This is the primary way to create an activity, since everyone has access to their inbox.

Follow these steps:


1. Click on the ENVELOPE ICON at the top of your BigTime homepage.


2. Click COMPOSE located on the top-left of the window.


3. Add details about the activity you’re creating.


4. Assign the activity to a staffer. Do this by scrolling to the end of the activity window and clicking on the red triangle under “assigned to.”


5. Add a date that you’d like to have the task completed by. Click in the text field under “due date.” You can either type the date into the field, or use the calendar that populates and select a date.


6. Click SAVE to save your work.



TIP: New Notifications in Your Inbox

When you create an activity using your BigTime inbox, you’ll also see new notifications under the “compose” button.


If you have a lot of notifications, you can sort them by clicking the white triangle next to the filter icon on the top-right corner of the window.


Activities that are sent to staffers go to their inbox.


Create an Activity Using Staff and Project Lists

You can also create activities using staff and project lists. These methods are not commonly used, since only system admins and users with certain access rights have access to these lists.

If you have access to staff and projects lists, then follow the instructions below to create an activity. We’ll show you how to create an activity from the staff list, and note the differences if you’re using the project list.

Or click MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST, if you’re creating an activity from the project list.

2. Click on an employee’s name, which is hyperlinked on the left-side of the window.
Or click a project from your list of projects, if you’re accessing an activity from the project list.

3. Choose the ACTIVITY tab from the list of tabs at the top of the window.
This step is the same whether or not you’re using the staff or project list to create an activity.

4. Click ADD ACTIVITY near the top-left corner of the window.
This step is the same whether or not you’re using the staff or project list to create an activity.

5. Add details about the activity, such as the project or task it’s associated with.
Note: This step is the same whether or not you’re using the staff or project list to create an activity. However, if you’re accessing activities from the project list, you’ll need to identify the person you’re assigning the task to. Do this by clicking on the red arrow under “assigned to” and finding the staffer. If you’re using the staff list to create an activity, the assigned to automatically defaults to the name of the staffer you clicked on initially.

6. Click ADD to include the activity for the staffer.
This step is the same whether or not you’re using the staff or project list to create an activity.
The newly created activity will appear within the staffer’s activity tab. It’ll look like this:
You can create as many activities as you’d like. Just repeat the steps above to add multiple activities.



What are activities used for?

The activity feature in BigTime functions like a project management system: helping staffers manage and plan their work. Use an activity to create a reminder or action related to a specific task. Examples of activities include phone calls, emails, meetings, notes, or notifications.

How are activities different from tasks?

Think of activities like a to-do list to help you plan and execute tasks. Tasks, on the other hand, are the actual assignments you need to complete.

Here’s an example. Zack has a task to write a press release for ABC Studios. Activities related to that task may include scheduling a meeting with a marketing executive to get images and emailing the CEO for quotes to use in the press release.

I’ve completed an activity. How do I mark it complete?

The inbox is the primary way to mark an activity complete. Click on an activity located on the left-side of your inbox window. Scroll down to the end of the activity and you’ll see a box next to the word “completed.” Check this box when the activity is complete and click SAVE.

Is there a limit on the number of activities I can create?

No. There’s no limit on the number of activities you can create.

Can activities get forwarded to my staffer’s email?

Yes. An administrator will need to activate email notices found here.

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