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What Do My Staffers See When Invited to BigTime?

What happens when staffers are invited to BigTime? And what do they see when they log into BigTime for the first time? We'll answer these questions in this article.


A Staffer Invitation to Bigtime

Once you invite a staffer to BigTime, they’ll get an email that'll direct them to click on the GET STARTED link in order to set up a BigTime login. Then, a new window will pop up prompting the staffer to create a password. If your firm requires a strong password, your staffer will see instructions to create a such a password.


Using Bigtime for the First Time

Non-admin staffers logging into BigTime for the first time will default to the timesheet feature. BigTime will offer a short tutorial to guide them through this feature and any others they've access to.


Click the box SHOW ME HOW to start the timesheet tutorial. Staffers will learn:

  • How to add a new timesheet row.
  • Where timesheet rows appear.
  • How to move between weeks, if there’s a need to apply time to a previous week for example.
  • How to remove empty timesheet rows.
  • Where to submit your timesheet.

Staffers will also find out how to view their timesheet in a daily or weekly view.

After this brief tutorial, BigTime explains how to review the tutorial again and provides a link to our Knowledge Base to learn more about BigTime’s features.


Why Your Staffer May See Multiple Features in Bigtime

There are two reasons why your staffers may see additional features when they start using BigTime.

First, you may decide to give certain staffers access to other BigTime features, like the project and staff lists. Access depends on a staffer’s user rights. Click here to learn how to customize user rights. All users who have an Essentials package or above will be able to access timesheets and log expenses. 


Where To Go From Here

  • Click here to learn how to assign staffers to project teams.
  • Click here to learn how and why you should place staffers departments, such as sales or media.
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