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Integrate With Microsoft Entra ID

This article will show you how to integrate your BigTime account with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory).

Start by clicking MY COMPANY...INTEGRATIONS from your navigation bar.


Then, click on the AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY tile.


Now follow the steps below to add the BigTime app to Microsoft.

1. In the Microsoft Dashboard, click VIEW under "Manage Azure Active Directory" to begin.

2. Click the ENTERPRISE applications link on the left panel. 

Click ALL APPLICATIONS in the left panel. Then click the +NEW APPLICATION button on the right panel, as shown in the image below.

You'll see a gallery of available applications, as well as the option to create an application from scratch. BigTime won't be shown in the application gallery, so we'll need to create it as a new application.


In the pop-up window that appears, you'll be able to add a name for your new application. In this field, name your application BIGTIME. Below the name field, you'll see a list of options for what you want your application to do. Mark the bubble next to INTEGRATE ANY OTHER APPLICATION YOU DON'T FIND IN THE GALLERY (NON-GALLERY).

4. Now that your new BigTime application has been created, you can add and edit more details about it within the application's properties. Click PROPERTIES in the left panel to set up the BigTime application.
Then, upload the BigTime logo. 

Copy the USER ACCESS URL in this window. Return to the Microsoft Entra ID integration window in BigTime, and enter this URL into the corresponding USER ACCESS URL there. You will use this URL to log in once you are finished.

5. Click SINGLE SIGN-ON in the left panel, and then click on the SAML tile on that page.

6. You should see the SET UP SINGLE SIGN-ON WITH SAML wizard. On this page, first click EDIT under the first step of "Basic SAML Configuration". 

In this screen, enter BTIQ for the IDENTIFIER field, and enter for the REPLY URL field. Then, click SAVE.

7. Now to set up claims, click EDIT under the second step of "User Attributes & Claims". 

On this edit screen, first click the +ADD NEW CLAIM button.

Then, enter CoNm in the NAME field, and enter your Firm's ID in the SOURCE ATTRIBUTE field. Then click SAVE.

NOTE: You can find your firm ID in step 7 on the Microsoft Azure integration screen in BigTime.

8. Return to the ATTRIBUTES & CLAIMS page and click on the UNIQUE USER IDENTIFIER (NAME ID) row to open the edit screen for that value. 

Under SOURCE ATTRIBUTE you must change this value to be "user.mail."

Click SAVE and navigate back to the SAML wizard page.

9. Download the CERTIFICATE (BASE64) file to your computer. 

Then, open the certificate in a text editor, and paste everything inside the file into the CERTIFICATE (BASE64) field in BigTime. Copy the AZURE AD IDENTIFIER field and paste it into the respective textbox in BigTime. Click the SAVE SETTINGS button.

Now you’re ready to link your Microsoft account to BigTime.

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