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A New Login Experience

In the upcoming weeks, we’re rolling out a new login experience across BigTime. This article covers what is changing and what to expect.

What is changing?

The BigTime login screen will have a new look and feel for user authentication. Once you enter your email address, you will be redirected to a second step to add your password or use SSO to complete login. The diagram below illustrates this path.

  • You’ll see a new landing page with a modern look and feel, powered by an enhanced authorization service.
  • All users will be prompted to enter their email first, before proceeding to subsequent authentication steps. Early Access customers will continue to a new password / SSO screen, while all other users will be redirected through the legacy login screen to complete sign in.


Why is this changing?

We are moving to an improved authentication service that will first be launched in Early Access. This launch will include enhanced SSO & MFA functionality, and requires a verification step added during login before proceeding to the password entry screen. This will require ALL BigTime customers to first verify their email on our new login page prior to subsequent steps to complete login (e.g. entering password or continuing with SSO).


Do I need to do anything differently?

No. If you are an existing customer that is not enrolled in the Early Access Program, there are no changes or additional steps to log in beside the new interface. If you are enrolled in the new enhanced authentication program, please work directly with a BigTime representative for first-time configuration of SSO or  MFA.

How do I sign up for the Early Access Beta SSO/MFA Program?

If you're an admin for your firm and interested in early access for firm-wide activation, you can reach out to your Customer Support Manager or by filling out an Early Access Interest Form. You'll be redirected to a support form to fill in contact details, and a BigTime representative will reach out with next steps. You can read more details in our latest April 2024 Release Notes.

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