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Enhanced Authentication: MFA, Early Access

We are excited to announce the launch of our Early Access Program for Enhanced Authentication, which includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The new MFA feature includes a fully rebuilt login experience, providing a smoother and more secure process to meet your firm's security requirements. 


Enabling Early Access MFA


1.  Sign up for the Early Access Program. After an admin request, a BigTime representative will review and be in touch about firm-wide activation.


2.  Firm-wide enrollment in the enhanced authentication program is completed by a BigTime representative for Early Access participants.


3. Once enrolled, admins can toggle the “Enable MFA” option under the ACTIVE FEATURES menu.


4. Once MFA is activated for your firm, you can log into BigTime with your preferred provider. After entering your email address and password, BigTime will require initial MFA setup and require a verification code to be entered on all subsequent logins.


First-Time MFA Configuration & Login


Here’s what you should expect when logging in with MFA for the first time.



1.  Navigate to the BigTime login page and enter your registered BigTime email address. 



2. Enter your BigTime password.





3.  If you do not have an existing preferred MFA provider, download an authenticator app on your device. While we recommend Google Authenticator for ease of use, any authenticator app may be used. You can also skip this step if you already have an MFA authentication app on your device.



4. Scan the QR code from the login screen in your MFA app, and follow the in-app setup instructions.

Alternatively, you can manually add the MFA details in your authenticator app (instructions below are based on Google Authenticator):

  • Press “+” and select ENTER SETUP KEY.
  • Enter your email address that has been registered to your BigTime account.
  • Enter the 28 key code that is displayed on your BigTime login screen (spaces don’t matter)
  • Check “By time”
  • Click ADD to finish


5. Return to the login screen and enter the two-factor authentication (2FA) code shown in your authenticator app.

Click ACTIVATE APP to finish MFA setup for your firm. You will be redirected to the main BigTime home screen.


General Login

After you have successfully configured MFA, you will have fewer steps to log into BigTime.


1.  Navigate to the BigTime login page and enter your registered BigTime email address. 



2. Enter your BigTime password.


3. Enter the MFA verification code shown in your authenticator app.

If you prefer to bypass this step for the next 14 days, click “Remember this device for 14 days”.


If you are only assigned to one firm, you will be automatically redirected to the BigTime landing page after successful authentication.

If you have more than one firm, see step 4.

4. If you have multiple firms, you will be redirected to the firm selection page after successful MFA authentication. Select the firm you want to log into and click LOG IN to complete the login process.

You will be directed to the BigTime homepage.


Active Features Toggle

After your firm has been enabled in the Enhanced Authentication Early Access Program, you will see a new toggle appear in MY COMPANY…ACTIVE FEATURES. The ENABLE MFA option will require all staff to enter a verification code to complete login.


What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and two-factor authentication (2FA) are identity verification methods in which a customer must supply either two or more pieces of evidence, such as their password and a temporary passcode, to prove their identity.


What are the security benefits of using MFA?

MFA strengthens security by requiring additional verification. This protects against unauthorized access and common cyber attacks.


What happens if I lose my MFA device (e.g., lost phone or uninstalled app)?

A: If you lose your MFA device, you will not be able to log in until a BigTime representative can reset your account. This is a temporary solution and we will allow admin reset capabilities later this year. In the interim, please contact our support team if you need assistance with this process.


How do I add new users to MFA?

Once enhanced authentication with MFA is enabled for your firm, all staffers will be required to complete the initial MFA setup. Upon successful configuration, each staffer will be required to provide their MFA verification code on each subsequent login attempt. 


Will all staffers see this new login experience once it is enabled?

Yes. Once an admin enrolls, all staffers will follow the new login flow and require MFA moving forward.

*Note: for users with more than one firm assignment, if any of your firms have MFA enabled, you’ll be required to complete the MFA verification before selecting the firm’s account for login.

What if I run into problems with MFA?

If you encounter any issues with the MFA service after your firm has been enrolled, please contact a BigTime representative for assistance. We are committed to improving your login experience and will be rolling out the enhanced authentication service as a standard feature across BigTime later this year. Ensuring a smooth and secure login process is a top priority.


How can I give feedback?

There are a few ways that you can give feedback to us:

  • Contact your CSM and provide any feedback.

  • Participate in follow-up research studies as we wrap up the early access program. We will be sending follow-up surveys to gauge overall satisfaction with the experience, and your feedback will help us improve the experience.

  • Submit a feedback form. If you have an active session in BigTime, you can submit direct feedback through our feedback form.
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