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Welcome Screen Overview

The first time you login to BigTime, you’re greeted with the Welcome screen.  It’s a quick (5-click) tutorial that introduces you to the system.  Click the numbered buttons along the left to navigate through the welcome tutorial.  If you’d rather, skip ahead to screen 5 to just get started.  


Navigating Bigtime

You can get around BigTime using the navigation bar along the top of the screen. And, don’t forget that help is always available.  Just click the help icon in the upper right of your screen for links to our knowledge base, webinars, and even a link to start a live chat with our support team.  


Exiting The Welcome Page

The welcome page will continue to show up each time you login to BigTime until you finish the 5-step tutorial.  Once you get to Step 5, you’ll see a blue START USING BIGTIME button.  Click it to close out the welcome page.  You’ll be forwarded to our main dashboard, and that will become your new landing page.  


Getting Started Questions

While there are lots of ways to start using BigTime, here are a few common questions and answers that new users ask as they begin using the system.  

  • DO I HAVE TO CONNECT WITH QUICKBOOKS RIGHT AWAY? No, you don’t.  Connecting BigTime with QuickBooks will let us pre-populate your project and staff lists. But, linking with QuickBooks – or  any of the accounting systems we support – is not a requirement. If you decide to hold off, you can integrate with QuickBooks when you’re ready.
  • ONCE MY TRIAL ENDS, DO I HAVE TO START OVER? If you decide to convert from a trial to a paid subscription, nothing will change. If you decide to not to continue after the trial ends, we will remove all the test data in your account (after a month or so). If you need to create a brand new “empty” firm once your subscription starts, let our support team know, and we can setup a second “empty” firm for your team to use going forward.
  • HOW DO I CONVERT MY FREE TRIAL TO A PAID SUBSCRIPTION? When you’re ready to subscribe, your BigTime account manager will send an estimate for approval. Once approved, you will receive an invoice for the same amount as the estimate. Upon receipt of payment, your BigTime account (and all of the information in the system) will continue without interruption. You will receive a link from your account manager to schedule your training call.
  • HOW MANY USERS CAN I ADD TO THE SYSTEM? Add as many users as you’d like during the 14-day free trial. After that, you can upgrade to the pricing package that matches the number of users you'll have in your account.
  • HOW DO YOU DEFINE A USER? A user isn’t just the people who “login” to the system. A user is any active staff record in your account. For example: If you enter time or run reports on behalf of other people in your firm, each of those individuals must have an active staff record.  This is what makes it possible for BigTime to track time, bill, run reports, etc. tied to an individual’s activity.
  • HOW DO I CONTACT SUPPORT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS? There are 3 ways to reach customer support: live chat, email, and phone. We recommend live chat for quick 1-off questions during business hours. You’ll find it under the "?" within your account navigation bar. Use email ( for issues that require details, like a screen shot, etc. Follow up with a phone call if needed (312.346.4646). Our customers are important to us and we do everything possible to respond in a timely manner.
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