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How To Measure Staff Performance

Get the most out of the data you enter in BigTime by measuring staff performance. We've got several metrics you can use to make important business decisions. For example, find out how much your staff costs you and determine if they need to be allocated to different projects. 



  • Use cost rate to see how much a staffer costs your company. For example, Zack charges $100 per hour and his cost rate is $25. That means it costs the company $25 for each hour he bills. After setting a cost rate for a staffer, run a report to find out if they’re hurting your company from a cost perspective.
  • Use a pre-built report to see the billable utilization rate for your employees.This rate reveals the billing productivity for your staffers. It compares their billable hours to their capacity, or the number of hours they’re available to work.
  • Use realization as a metric to compare the number of billable hours an employee logged in BigTime to the amount that’s invoiced.


Learn how to use these metrics in the articles that follow:

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You many also find it helpful to use capacity. Click here to learn about capacity, and click here to find out how to use capacity in BigTime. Use capacity in reports to see if your staffers are being over or under utilized. This is helpful information when you’re planning for future projects.

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