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Creating Your Own Reports in BigTime

You might find something you like right out of the box from BigTime’s Report Center. The good news is that if you don’t find something that matches what you’re looking for, you have the freedom to customize any canned report or build your own using the Report Wizard—the custom report writer in BigTime. The power really is in your hands to cater reporting to fit your firm’s priorities.


Customizing an Existing Report

To get started with report customization, BigTime offers the option of copying and customizing an existing report. At the very basic level, customization might start with adding new columns or arranging them in the way that makes the most sense to you. Then from there you can choose how to edit it even further to zero in on the information that’s most important to your firm.

Copying and Customizing an Existing Report


Creating Reports From Scratch

If you want the power to pick and choose and truly customize what you see, creating a report from scratch might be the better option. Before you start this process, it’s important to know what you want from a report. The first step will be to choose the type of report you want to create; that choice determines the columns available for building your report.

Just as with copying and customizing an existing report, there are a number of options to further cater reports to your firm: filteringgrouping/sorting, and the ability to export and even delete them.

Creating Custom Reports


Want to learn more? If you’re a BigTime firm admin, you can access additional courses and videos in BigTime Academy designed to guide you on your BigTime journey. Take a look at the course below to learn more about creating custom reports.

  BigTime Academy Course: Introduction to Custom Reports



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