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BigTime’s Report Tiles

This article will explain the types of reports you can use in BigTime:

  • Time tracking,
  • Invoicing,
  • Payroll,
  • Task lists, and 
  • Custom reports.


In this article, we’ll explain each of the five report tiles you see when you navigate to the Report Center (ANALYTICS...REPORT CENTER).

Time Tracking

Click on the time tracking tile to analyze timesheet data from multiple perspectives. These reports compile timesheet data that are easily viewed in one simple report.


Featured Report: Timesheet Summary by Date Range

Run the “Timesheet Summary by Date Range” report and view the time staffers input into BigTime—even before their timesheets are submitted. This report shows hourly data by client, staff member, and labor codes (if you use them). Since you can monitor this information in real time, you can also see staffer utilization.


After you click on the TIME TRACKING tile, you’ll find the “Timesheet Summary by Date Range” report located near the middle of the window.



The invoicing tile gives you information about your billed and/or unbilled time and expenses. It also provides details on invoice amounts, statuses, billed time/expenses, and outstanding balances.


Featured Report: Summary of Unbilled Time + Expense

Use our featured invoicing report, "Summary of Unbilled Time+Expense," for real-time reporting. That means you can view and report on time and expenses as they are added by staffers. You can also run “work-in-progress” reports to understand the progression of your projects.


After you click on the INVOICE tile, you’ll find the “Summary of Unbilled Time + Expense” report located near the middle of the window.


The payroll tile generates reports that provide a general summary of staffer input and billable time over a specific date range.


Featured Report: Total Hours (Input vs. Billable) by Staff Member

Use the payroll featured report, ”Total Hours (input vs billable) by Staff Member,” to get staff realization details at your fingertips. This report will show you who's entered time during a specific date range. Plus, you’ll know which employees bring the most revenue to the firm and which ones cost your firm money.


After you click on the PAYROLL tile, you’ll find the “Total Hours” report located near the middle of the window.

Tasks Lists

Task-based reports can show the estimate and budget for a project phase. They also show completed and pending tasks assigned to staffers.


Featured Report: Task List by Staff Member

The featured task list report, ”Task List by Staff Member,” displays tasks by project. You can see the tasks assigned to staffers for a project. You can also see task statuses, which is helpful for project management purposes.


After you click on the TASK LIST tile, you’ll find the “Task List by Staff Member” report located near the middle of the window.

NOTE: Instead of “tasks,” your firm may refer to these units of work as “budget items,” “phases,” “work items,” or “engagements.” It’s easy to update the lexicon settings in BigTime so that the verbiage is firm-relevant.

Custom Reports

If you can’t find what you need, create a custom report. Do this by clicking on the magnifying glass on the Report Center.


Once there, click on the hyperlink, CREATE YOUR OWN REPORT, toward the middle of the window.


Then, follow the steps in this article to create your own report.

We offer many report options so you can put your data to good use and ultimately make sound decisions about your firm.


Want to learn more? If you’re a BigTime firm admin, you can access additional courses and videos in BigTime Academy designed to guide you on your BigTime journey. Take a look at the course below to learn more about the Report Center.

  BigTime Academy Course: Reporting Overview


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