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A Tour of BigTime’s Report Center

Your staffers have entered time, submitted expenses, and invoiced clients. Now, use BigTime’s Report Center to configure this data into reports to get meaningful information about staff and firm performance.

The Report Center is the main hub for reporting activity. This overview article will explain how to navigate and use the Report Center. 


  • Use pre-built reports from four categories: time tracking reports, invoice reports, payroll invoice reports, and task list reports.
  • Create custom reports. Generate a report that only shows the data you want to see.
  • Restrict report access. Use report permission settings, security groups, and customized user access rights to determine who can access to your firm’s reports. System admins can access all reporting features, both pre-built and custom reports.


The Report-Type Tiles

Get to the Report Center by clicking ANALYTICS...REPORT CENTER.


The top of your window once you're in your report center will look like this:


Note: Your screen may look slightly different, depending on your BigTime subscription level.

The four tiles at the top of the Report Center window are the primary report categories in BigTime: Time Tracking, Invoicing, Payroll, and Task Lists. We briefly explain each category below.

  • Time tracking reports analyze timesheet data from multiple perspectives.
  • Invoice reports summarize unbilled time and expenses. They also provide data on invoice amounts, statuses, billed time/expenses, and outstanding balances.
  • Payroll invoice reports reveal staff utilization. They also provide a general summary of staffer input and billable time over a specific period; this —information that’s used for computing payroll.
  • TASK list reports keep projects organized. They show completed and pending tasks assigned to specific staffers.

Click on a tile and you’ll be directed to the reports for that category. Each category has a feature report and related reports. The Invoicing tile, for example, generates a feature report in the middle of the window, along with several related reports at the bottom of the window under “other invoicing reports.”


TIP: Other Invoicing Reports

Find related reports for each category under the featured report. Get descriptions of these reports by moving your cursor over the “i” icon to the left of the report name.


Create Your Own Report

If you don’t find what you need from our pre-built reports, try creating your own report. Click on the magnifying glass to begin the process.



You’ll see a hyperlink in the middle of the window to CREATE YOUR REPORT. Click on this hyperlink to begin the process. Click here to learn more.



All Reports

ALL REPORTS at the bottom of the Report Center categorize the available reports from the four report tiles. You can publish the reports you create and existing reports you customize to any All Reports category.


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