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Different Ways To Submit Expenses

There a few ways to submit expenses:

This article will summarize your submission options and link to specific articles on each topic.


Create and Submit a Single Expense

When you add a new expense, you can add details to it.


At this point, you can enter information into all the available fields, as well as attach receipts to your expenses.


Expenses can be edited before they’re submitted for review. You can click into any details to make edits until you’re ready to submit.


Submit Multiple Expenses

You can submit multiple expenses for a project or client. 


And you can choose which expenses to submit.



Submit Multiple Expenses With Receipts

When you’ve got several expenses for a project or client, consider submitting all relevant expenses and receipts together to save time.


 You can choose the expenses and receipts that you want to submit.



Enter and Submit Expenses on Behalf of Others

System administrators can enter and submit expenses on behalf of staffers. This privilege can also be extended to other BigTime users, such as managers, if given the appropriate security rights. 

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