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Entering Time in BigTime

Logging time in BigTime is easy, and there are several ways to do it.

This overview article will explain how to access your timesheet. Then, we’ll provide brief explanations for the multiple ways to enter time using:

  • Timesheets, either in a daily or weekly view,
  • Timers, or
  • Mobile phone.

We’ll direct you to specific articles on each topic.


Access Timesheets

It’s easy to find your timesheets in BigTime. Click TIME/EXPENSE...TIMESHEETS from the navigation bar.


Now that you’re at your timesheet, let’s enter some time!


Enter Time in Bigtime

There are several ways to enter time in BigTime, and we’ll explain each option.

Weekly vs. Daily Timesheet

After you access your timesheet, as explained above, you can enter time in either a daily or weekly view.

The weekly timesheet view is the most common way to enter time. It's a convenient way for staffers to see how much time they’re logging over the course of their week.


Find out more about using the weekly view to enter time.

Daily timesheets are an alternative way to enter time. In this view, you enter time one day at a time.

In the image below, our timesheet is set to 11/1. On the gray bar in left-side of the window, you can see the hours we’re accumulating labeled TOTAL HOURS. We have tracked seven hours so far. On the right-side, we’re adding details for another time entry that’ll be added to 11/1.


Note: You can toggle between dates. For example, today is 11/1, but we can click on “Tue 10/31” (on the red bar on the left-side of the window) to review and edit unsubmitted time entries on that date. 

Find out more about using the daily view to enter time.



Use timers to track time—in real time—toward specific clients or projects. A timer is like a stopwatch: you can start, stop, and re-start time throughout your day. Access the timer function by clicking on the clock icon, located on your navigation bar.


When you’re done using a timer, BigTime can transfer your clocked time to your timesheet. It's an alternative to manually entering time.

Learn about using timers in BigTime.


Mobile Phone

Download the BigTime mobile app for your iPhone or Android to enter time on your timesheet when you’re on the go. You can also access the timer function on your mobile device.



Customize Your Timesheet

Make your timesheet meaningful to you, and customize it!

Every time entry in the system requires a staffer, a project, and a date. However, there are additional fields you can add. Learn more about customizing your timesheet.

Now that you know how to add time to your timesheet, don’t forget to submit it!

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