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Using the Weekly View

When users are invited to log time, their default timesheet is a weekly view similar to the one shown here. In this article, we will guide you through important features found on this page so you can enter, edit, and submit your time effectively.

For a more in depth look at the difference between the weekly, and daily view, check out this video.



Entering Time From the Weekly View

1. Navigate to the weekly timesheet by clicking on TIME/EXPENSE...TIMESHEETS in the menu bar. 

2. Click the ADD TIMESHEET ROW button to create a new row in your timesheet.  

3. Select values from the column fields first. Choose the project and task you’d like to log time against from the options available in the drop-down menus. The columns you see are controlled by your firm's timesheet settings.

4. Click into a specific date field to add hours and details. The notes that you enter here will be applied to this specific date only. If your firm requires notes, you will need to input notes for every entry.

5. Click SAVE to apply your changes. Note that if you have other rows in your timesheet, you can simply click into another row to save your changes.


TIP: Edit Existing Rows

To make edits to your timesheet, just click on an individual daily value or anywhere in the timesheet row. Make any selections and add details as you would with a newly added row. 


Deleting Time

You can also delete daily values or an entire row of entries. It's important to note that deleting a time entry is a permanent action and cannot be undone. To remove a specific daily value, click into it to highlight and remove the hours, or change the value to zero. Then click the SAVE button.


To delete an entire row, click into it and select the DELETE button. The system will ask you to confirm that action and will then remove all of the timesheet entries in that row.


TIP: Only System Admins Can Edit or Delete Locked Time Entries

When a row contains a submitted entry, you will see a lock icon next to the daily hours value. This icon indicates that this entry cannot be edited and the row itself cannot be deleted.


Only system admins can edit and delete submitted entries by selecting the staffer’s profile from MY COMPANY...STAFF LIST and drilling into timesheet details from the Timesheet History tab.



Memorizing and Removing Empty Rows

When you add new rows to your weekly timesheet, BigTime remembers them (quickly after you enter them) so that you can continue to add time to those same rows each week.

To delete empty rows that aren’t in use, you can use the CLEAR BLANK ROWS button. This will remove all empty rows from your timesheet in one action, leaving only the rows containing filled-in time.


Note: By clearing your timesheet in this way, however, it will also remove those previously memorized rows from future weeks. The system will only begin memorizing again once you add new rows to your timesheet.


Printing, Navigating Weeks, and More

In addition to the basic functions, the weekly timesheet contains tools for printing timesheets, moving from week to week, and monitoring hours worked against the capacity set by system administrators.

Printing Your Timesheet

For any weekly timesheet in BigTime, you can click the printer icon in the toolbar to export it to PDF format.


Some firms use the printed format as their timesheet to allow users to manually sign off on their hours.

Moving From Week to Week

Navigating between weeks of time is easy when using the weekly timesheet. You can click the left or right arrows as well as the center date to open up a calendar picker. In this calendar picker, you can jump between months or years by clicking on either the displayed month and year or by using the left and right arrows beside them.


Over/Under and Staff Capacity

If the system administrator has enabled over/under totals to appear on your timesheet, you will see a summary value at the bottom of each day to show whether you’ve gone over or under your designated capacity.


The capacity of a given day or week is the total available hours for full-time or part-time staffers. System admins can adjust the capacity (entered as total monthly hours) in each staffer's profile in the Budget/Management section.  


TIP: Change to the Daily View

If you ever want to switch to the daily timesheet view, you can do that by clicking this icon in the upper left corner of your timesheet. Learn more about the Daily Timesheet view here.


For a more in depth look at the difference between the weekly and daily view, check out this video.

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