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Using the Daily View

BigTime's daily view is a great time entry option for users who don't work on the same projects/clients every day or for users who rely heavily on notes and make comments within their timesheet.

For a more in depth look at the difference between the weekly, and daily view, check out this video.


Instead of seeing a row of hours in your timesheet, with an entry for each project, the daily view allows you to see all of your entries in a list view, like the one shown above. You can click on any of these entries to review or edit that time and you can copy entries from day to day or week to week as needed. This article highlights some of the features within that page.


Getting to the Daily View

Both the daily and weekly views are visible from the TIME/EXPENSE...TIMESHEET menu item within the system. You can switch back and forth between the views using the view toggle in the toolbar. To see the daily view, click the icon shown below:


BigTime will remember the view you selected the next time you login and will default to that view, daily or weekly, until you change it.


Step by Step: Adding Time

1. Select the weekday you would like to log time against. The days of the week and dates are at the top of your timesheet list. If you would like to log time for another week, you can toggle to it using the calendar buttons.


2. Click the +ADD TIME button on the daily details pane. This will open up a new time entry. If you are already viewing/editing an existing entry, click the CLOSE icon (upper right) to reveal the ADD TIME button.

3. Fill in your time entry details in the details pane. Note that the fields you see are defined by your firm's timesheet settings and can only be added/removed, modified, or marked as required by your BigTime admin.

4. Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the timesheet details page once you're done with your edits. Note that the SAVE button can be used to save your entry, to save and copy your entry, or to save your entry and clear out the fields so you can enter a new timesheet record. These save options are discussed in more detail below.


Save, Copy, or Save+New

You will notice that the SAVE button in this entry method has a little arrow next to it. In addition to saving your entry, you can use the alternate options to determine what the system does next.


  • Save: Clicking save simply creates your entry. It will close the forum for a time entry and you can click ADD TIME if you need to add more.
  • Save+New: Clicking save and new will save your time entry that you have entered, as well as create a blanked out forum for you to enter time in.
  • Save+Copy: Clicking save and copy will save the time entry you entered and then create a brand new copied form with all of the previously entered details copied over. This means that you can now adjust a single value so you can add similar entries against, for example, multiple clients.

Deleting Time

Any time entry that is not submitted can be deleted from this view. Remember that deleting an entry cannot be undone. You will see the DELETE button in the details pane once you select the entry you would like to remove.


TIP: Submitted Time Cannot Be Removed

Remember that, once you submit an entry, you can no longer edit it. Only a user with "financial admin" privileges can delete submitted time from the system. Therefore, if you are viewing a submitted entry, the buttons along the bottom of your detail pane may be missing or disabled.

Editing an Existing Entry

Any entry that is not submitted or is rejected can be edited from the daily view. Just click on the entry in your timesheet and you'll see the details for that entry. Make your edits and click the SAVE button, just like you would when adding new time to the system.



Correcting the Date of a Saved Entry

If you’ve accidentally entered time to the wrong day, you can click on that entry and update the date field value in order to move it to another day. Note that this cannot be done in the weekly view, so when users enter time in the wrong cell of their weekly view they sometimes switch to the daily view in order to fix the problem. 


Viewing Time in Different Weeks

All the time that you enter into BigTime can be seen within the daily view. Just like the weekly view, you can move between weeks/months using the calendar picker at the top of this page. Simply click on the calendar date to adjust the week that is being displayed (or use the arrow keys to move forward/backward week-by-week).


Showing More/Less Detail in Your Daily Time Entry List

Within each day you can enter as many entries as you need to and your daily list will allow you to scroll through them. Use the zoom toggle at the bottom left-side of the page to show more or less detail per entry. This will allow you to see more/fewer entries on the screen at one time.  


Viewing Your Weekly Totals

Finally, even though the daily view is great for focusing on each individual day, we have a toggle at the top of your screen for the entire week so you can keep track of your totals. Open this toggle to see the total number of hours per day at the top of your daily view.


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