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How To Request a New BigTime Feature

We want to tailor BigTime to your needs. To make that happen, we need your feedback. We read every request, idea, or pain point you share with us, and that feedback is taken into consideration when we plan new features or make platform fixes. Your feedback lets us understand what you need from us, so we can help you do what you do best: deliver great work for your clients. If there’s a feature you’d like to see in BigTime that doesn’t yet exist, you can submit a feature request to our team. Below, we’ll explain the process and best practices for submitting a feature request, as well as how you can vote on requests submitted by other BigTime users.

NOTE: Only users with System Admin permissions will be able to submit feature requests.

Submitting a Feature Request

To submit a request for a new feature, you’ll first need to navigate to your BigTime account and open the Resource Center. You can do so by clicking the SPEECH BUBBLE in the upper right corner of your screen. A picklist of options will appear, one of which is labeled SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK. 

Clicking this option will open a form where you can fill out details about your feature request. Let’s talk about some best practices for filling out this form.


Feature Request Best Practices

  • Make sure your feature request has a clear and concise title.
  • Do not include your firm’s name, size or email in the title or description fields.
  • Try to word your feature request in a way that other BigTime users are able to understand and relate to. This is because, once your feature request has been submitted, other BigTime users will be able to vote on your request.

If you wish, you can also fill out the PRODUCT AREA field to better specify the kind of feature you want to see. Clicking the GRAY ARROW in this field will open a picklist of product area options to choose from. 

Once you’ve added all necessary details about your feature request, click the SUBMIT REQUEST button at the bottom of the form.

Once your feature request has been submitted, it will be added to a list of all feature requests in the BigTime Portal so it can be voted on. The next section will explain how you can access this list in the Portal, as well as how you can vote on other requests and monitor the status of your own requests. 

Voting on Feature Requests

At the top of the feedback request form in the Resource Center, you’ll see a link labeled OPEN IN PORTAL. Click this link to be taken to the BigTime Portal, where you can view and vote on feature requests.

Navigate to the Portal home screen by clicking the FOUR SQUARES in the left navigation sidebar. You’ll see a list of all feature requests submitted by other BigTime firms. If you’ve submitted requests yourself, you’ll also see a list of all those requests.

 Each feature request will have a status under the STATUS column. This column shows you the progress the BigTime development team has made on each request. There are three status types:

  • Under Review: The feature request has been received by the BigTime team and is being reviewed.
  • Planned: The BigTime team has reviewed the request, and has made plans to build and add that feature to the platform.
  • Building/In Progress: Work has begun on building a feature based on the request. 

Under the VOTE column, you’ll be able to submit a vote on each feature request. Voting on requests gives you more power to voice your opinions, and gives us a better sense of which new features to prioritize. If you see a request you agree with, click the THUMBS UP icon to indicate you also want that feature.

If you see a request you don’t agree with, click the ZZZ icon to indicate you’re not interested in the feature being requested.


If you have any additional questions about feature requests and how new features are added to BigTime, contact your firm’s customer support person, or reach out to us at

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