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BigTime's Pricing Packages

BigTime offers four packages to fit the various needs of today’s professional service organizations.

  • Essentials
  • Advanced
  • Premier
  • Projector

You can start out at any level, and then scale up as your company grows and evolves over time.


Essentials, Advanced, Premier, or Projector

You’ve determined that BigTime is the best PSA to support your team management and resource planning, but are unsure which package to choose from. We’ll describe each one below:



If you lead a smaller team and only need the most basic time tracking and invoicing tools, the Essentials package is a great place to start. 

With Essentials, your staffers can log hours into their timesheets anywhere with an internet connection, since BigTime is cloud-based and accessible across devices (smartphones, tablets, and PCs). You can also create basic invoices, and can set up key integrations like QuickBooks and Slack.

Essentials users can upgrade to Advanced, Premier or Projector as their needs expand. Click here to get more details associated with the Essentials package.



Companies can turn to Advanced when they need to do more than just track time and create basic invoices. With the Advanced package, you can:

  • Track expenses in foreign currencies,
  • Create invoices and reports from customizable templates,
  • Build custom analytics dashboards with quick data insights,
  • Integrate with CRMS like Salesforce and HubSpot.

With an Advanced package, you’ll also have access to BigTime’s professional services and live phone support during standard business hours. Click here to get more details associated with this package.



Premier users can access all the same tools as Essentials and Advanced users, plus extra perks. With Premier, you’ll be able to create invoices in foreign currencies, and will have access to resource allocation for project management. Now you can see how your projects and staffers fit together. Resource allocation allows you to:

  • Break out project budgets over time and staffers,
  • Plan for future work, and
  • Allocate staffers’ time effectively.

Premier users have other benefits, too, like priority BigTime support, with extended hours, and a guaranteed uptime (SLA). The Premier package also makes it possible to integrate with additional platforms like Jira, Sage Intacct and Lacerte. 

Premier is ideal for companies looking to track multiple projects and manage their team efficiently and effectively. Click here to get more details associated with this package.



The Projector package is best suited for enterprise-level firms who need more comprehensive tools to manage complex business functions. BigTime's Projector package supports multi-entity management and compliance standards, and additionally makes it possible to create custom integrations with every tool in your company's tech stack. 

With Projector, you’ll be connected to a dedicated support team who can provide assistance with any of your firm’s needs. The Projector package is great for companies who want the ability to make more complex project accounting decisions. To learn more about the Projector package, click here. 


What To Expect With Bigtime

There are several standard features across all four packages, including:

  • Project dashboards: see details about your business at a glance.
  • Cloud-based software: access BigTime anytime, anywhere with an internet connection and across devices (smartphones, tablets, and PCs).
  • Report center: create reports so you can see how your business is tracking.

If you have more questions about which package is right for you, reach out to your customer success manager or send an email to To give BigTime a test drive, follow this link to book a demo.

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