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Activate and Configure BigTime's Data Warehouse

Firms can use BigTime's data warehouse integration feature to export the data in their BigTime account to any business intelligence tool they want. To begin leveraging this feature, you will first have to contact BigTime Support to enable the data warehouse for your firm. Once it’s been enabled, you can access your data warehouse settings by going to MY COMPANY…INTEGRATIONS from your main navigation toolbar.

Next, find the DATA WAREHOUSE tile under the INTEGRATED APPLICATIONS tab and click on it.

If you haven't already done so, you'll be prompted to connect with your data warehouse or BI tool. Click the hyperlink labeled ENABLE.

Now, you’ll be able to configure how your data warehouse functions. Let’s break down what you can do in each section of this settings window.

Customize Your Export

Under the CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPORT section, you’ll be able to check off boxes next to the type(s) of data you’d like to export from BigTime. When you check off one box, a new window will open where you can get even more specific about the kinds of data you want to export. In the example below, we checked the box next to STAFFER DATA, and a new window opened where we could choose exactly what types of staff data we’d like to export. You can check or uncheck boxes next to whatever data types make the most sense, and then click SAVE to save these changes.

Once you’ve determined what types of data you’d like to be included in future exports, click SAVE SELECTIONS.

Setup Recurring Export

There are two different ways to set up the frequency of your data warehouse exports. By default, BigTime will export your data on a nightly basis, but you can also set up your data warehouse to pull data on a date or time of your choosing. Under the SCHEDULED EXPORT header, you can select whether you’d like to export your data on a weekly or daily basis. If you choose “Weekly”, you can further specify what day of the week you want exports to take place. Once you’ve set up your scheduled export settings, click SCHEDULE.

The toggle switches allow you to turn both NIGHTLY EXPORT and SCHEDULED EXPORT on or off. You can set the switches for both of these options to ON if you’d like your data to export both nightly and on a date/time of your choosing.

Export (Test) Manually

At the bottom of your page, you'll see an option labeled EXPORT (TEST) MANUALLY, and next to it a blue button labeled RUN. Clicking this button will trigger an immediate data export, effectively letting you test whether you've set up your export settings correctly. You will only be able to run a manual export if you have NIGHTLY EXPORT turned on.

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