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Get the Big Picture: BigTime’s Data Warehouse

Visualize your BigTime data with our data warehouse feature, which easily integrates into your existing business intelligence (BI) tool. Now your BigTime data works where you do, whether that’s Looker, Tableau, Microsoft BI, or any of the many other BI tools on the market. 


It’s common for companies to have many data sources: BigTime for project management, QuickBooks for accounting, and Salesforce for sales leads, among many others. They need a single location to park their data and tools to glean insights across silos of information. The solution is here.


Enter BigTime’s data warehouse. We realize that people see and understand data differently, which is why this tool is useful. Generate reports or customize dashboards with visuals, like charts and graphs, that are exclusive to your BigTime data. For example, create a bar graph that shows the consultants who are billing the most hours. 


Or mix and match BigTime data with your other data sources, like Salesforce or QuickBooks. Create a dashboard for your salespeople, so they can see the revenue they bring in individually each month. Now you can manage your business effectively with data that’s meaningful.


Your data gets updated daily with BigTime’s Data Warehouse. The export happens overnight. If the export fails, the System Administrator will be notified in BigTime.


If you have a BI tool and want to connect your BigTime data, then contact your sales representative and they’ll walk you through the setup process. Alternatively, BigTime can host your data on Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory). 

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