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FAQ: Sage Intacct

  • I’ve connected my firm at an Entity level. Can I import my customers and projects at the Master level?

If both your project and customer are connected at the master level, both can be imported. The same is true if both your customers and projects are connected at an entity level. However, if your project is connected at an entity level, but your customer is connected at the master level, only the project will import.


  • I connected my firm at the Master level. Do customers and projects import from the individual entities?

Yes, you can import customers and projects from individual entities if your firm is set up at the Master level. However, because they’re set up at a different level than your firm, you won't be able to sync transactions for those projects between BigTime and Sage Intacct. 


  • My firm is connected at the Master level. Can I post my project to a specific entity?

Any time you create projects and customers in Sage Intacct, they will be created at the Master level. If you want to make your projects accessible at the entity level, you will need to edit the location of your project in BigTime first before exporting it to Sage Intacct. However, if you want to edit that project in Sage Intacct, you will only be able to do so at the Master level.


  • If my client already exists in Sage Intacct, how do I make sure I export a project to that client?

To avoid creating a duplicate client when creating a project in Sage Intacct, you'll need to make sure your client is added before you export a project from BigTime. Go to the Customer/Project screen in Sage Intacct, search for your client's name, and then click ADD+ to add them. Now, when you add one of your projects to Sage Intacct, you'll see your client's name appear in the client dropdown menu.


  • Why won’t my timesheets post to Intacct?

If there are discrepancies between the info entered in BigTime and the info logged in Sage Intacct, this can prevent timesheets from posting between BigTime and Sage Intacct. Some fields need to match exactly on both platforms in order for timesheets to post. If your timesheets aren't exporting to Sage Intacct, first check whether the submission period on your BigTime timesheet matches the one in Sage Intacct. If the submission periods are the same, check whether the project and employee on your timesheet and in Sage Intacct were both created at the same level. 


  • When I post an invoice from BigTime to Sage Intacct, where will that invoice appear?

If the project associated with your invoice was linked to a specific entity in Sage Intacct, the invoice you post will appear in that entity’s sales invoice location (ORDER ENTRY...SALES INVOICE). However, if the location field for your project in BigTime isn't filled out with a specific entity, your invoice will be posted directly to the Master Level.


  • What will happen if I choose to “Post Time as Billed” in the integration settings?

If you are invoicing out of BigTime, then you will be able to post time as "billed" to Sage Intacct. Keep in mind that if you mark time as "billed" in Sage Intacct, you will not be able to delete that time from your account later on.


  • Do I need the Time and Expense module to post time and expenses from BigTime to Intacct?

Whether you need the Time and Expense module depends on the kind of expenses you're posting. If you're posting them as expense journal entries or as accounts payable, you won't need to have the Time and Expense module. However, if you’re posting employee expenses, you'll need to have the Time and Expense module to proceed.

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