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Create Invoices in BigTime and Post Them to Sage Intacct

When you integrate BigTime with Sage Intacct, you’ll have the ability to sync time and invoices between the two platforms, streamlining your accounting processes. There’s a simple workflow you can follow in order to post invoices you created in BigTime to Sage Intacct. Read on to learn what that workflow looks like.

NOTE: This article assumes you already know how to draft an invoice. If you need to learn how to do this, read this article.


1. Start by clicking INVOICING…OVERVIEW from the main navigation bar. 


Then, navigate to your drafted invoices by clicking on the DRAFTS tile in the center of your screen.


2. Now, you’ll open the invoice you created that you want to post to Sage Intacct. Click on the hyperlinked number in the AMOUNT column corresponding to your chosen invoice. 


3. A new window will open where you can edit your invoice’s details. Here, you’ll add all the information you normally would when submitting an invoice for approval within BigTime. When you’re satisfied with your edits, click the blue SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of your screen.


4. Now that your invoice has been saved, you can go ahead and post it to Sage Intacct. To do so, click the CLOUD icon in the top right corner of your toolbar. 


5. A new window will open where you will need to add some final details about your invoice before it can post to Sage Intacct. Once you fill out all the applicable fields, you can click the blue button labeled POST TO SAGE INTACCT at the bottom of your screen.


If your attempt to post the invoice is successful, you’ll be redirected back to your list of draft invoices. If your invoice fails to post, you’ll receive an error message at the bottom of your screen. Read this article to learn about how you can resolve error messages when trying to post an invoice to Sage Intacct.

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