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Integrate Sage Intacct With BigTime

This article will show you how to integrate BigTime with Sage Intacct, and how to customize your integration settings. 

With this integration, you can sync Customers, Projects, Employees, Accounts, Invoices and Payments, and Time. That means, you can add, edit, or remove data between the systems.

Follow the steps below to get started with the integration.

1. Click MY COMPANY...INTEGRATIONS from your navigation bar.

2. Click SAGE INTACCT on the Integrated Applications window.

3. Click ENABLE.

4. A window will populate letting you know that you'll need an admin login, admin password, and company ID. You'll also need to authorize BigTime in your Sage Intacct account. Click NEXT.


Enter your company ID, then click NEXT.


Now, you'll also need to create and enter a WEB SERVICES USER LOGIN in Intacct to apply to this window in BigTime.


We’ll explain where you can find these details below. The fields under User Information are the ones you use to log into Intacct: company id, username, and password.

You’ll also need to provide a Web Service user login, which you can create under your Intacct admin settings.

Create a Web Service ID in Intacct by clicking APPLICATIONS...COMPANY...WEB SERVICES USERS.

Click ADD.

Then, add an ID and password in the form that populates. 

Apply the ID and password that you create to BigTime in the Intacct Connectivity Setup window.

Now your window should look like this:

5. Click CONNECT to connect to Intacct.

Once you connect, the sync between the two systems will kick off right away. You can see the sync occurring on your BigTime homepage. It’s the top red tile in the image below.


Note: If you need to sync your data, then just click on the topmost red tile and click the update now button.

When you sync with Intacct, then all of the projects and clients from Intacct will populate in BigTime.

Specifically, these times will sync into BigTime from Intacct:

  • Customers
  • Projects
  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Accounts: AR, AP, Checking Accounts, Credit Cards, AR Terms, Classes, Expense Accounts
  • Department 
  • Location 
  • Project Types
  • Time Type
  • Expense Types
  • Non-inventory Items

Integrated Project Fields

Keep in mind that some project fields will map to different names than you’re accustomed to in BigTime. Here are important field mappings to know about:

  • Department in Intacct is equivalent to Cost Center 1 in BigTime
  • Location in Intacct is equivalent to Cost Center 2 in BigTime
  • Intacct Class in Intacct is equivalent to BigTime Class in BigTime
  • Intacct Project Type is equivalent to Project Type in BigTime
  • Intacct Project Manager is equivalent to team member in BigTime

 PO Amount, PO Number, and SO Number are created as custom fields in BigTime.


Integrated Staff/Vendor Fields

Some staff/vendor fields will also have different mappings. 

  • Employee ID will create a custom field in BigTime and import that value
  • Intacct Channel is equivalent to Class in BigTime
  • Employees Title is equivalent to Title in BigTime

Keep in mind that you can always change your lexicon settings in BigTime (MY COMPANY...MY COMPANY...LEXICON).


Customize Your Intacct Integration Settings

Follow the steps below to customize your Intacct Integration Settings.

Click INTACCT...INTEGRATION SETTINGS from your navigation menu.




You’ll default into the General tab, which is where you want to be. Here you can update your integration settings.


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