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Field Mappings Between Sage Intacct and BigTime

Any time data and payments are synced from BigTime to Sage Intacct, the fields in the former will be mapped to new fields in the latter. Sometimes, the terminology to describe these fields may not match up, even if the data they record is the same. Below is a chart that will help you keep track of the field mappings between BigTime and Sage Intacct.




Client Customer
Client Main Address Customer Address
Project Project
Project ID Project ID
Project Type Project Type
Project Notes Project Description
Cost Center 1 Department
N/A Location
Begin Date Start Date
End Date Due Date
PO Number (UDF) Project PO Number
PO Amount (UDF) Project PO Amount
SO Number (UDF) Project SO Number
Staffer Employee
Staffer Email Employee Email
Staffer Address Employee Address
Staffer Title Employee Title
Staffer Start Date Employee Start Date
Staffer End Date Employee End Date
Manager Employee Manager
Cost Center 1 Department
Cost Center 2 Location/Entity
Employee ID (UDF) Employee ID
Staffer N/A
Integration Settings > Invoicing > Default AR Account AR Label
Integration Settings > Time/Expenses > Default AP Account N/A
Labor Code Non-Inventory Item
Labor Code Time Type
Integration Settings > Invoicing > Default Service Item Non-Inventory Item
Task Non-Inventory Item
Expense Codes N/A
Expense Codes N/A
Project Default Class Class
Staff Default Class Staff Default Class
Task Class
Time entry, or expense entry Class
Tax Rates --> Invoicing + Expenses N/A
Staff Default Payroll Item N/A
Time entry N/A
Invoice Terms Invoice Terms
Staff Expenses linked to QuickBooks Employee N/A
Staff Expenses linked to QuickBooks Vendor N/A
Staff Time linked to Vendor N/A
Credit Card > Expenses N/A
Invoice Order Entry, Sales Invoice
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