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Reporting on Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks can be reported on from BigTime’s Report Center, much in the same way that one-time tasks can. System administrators can customize report settings and filters to display all occurrences or view only the series master.

Display Each Occurrence for Recurring Tasks

To run a report on all occurrences within a recurring task series, you can either select a task-based report and create a copy of it or create a custom task-type report. Either approach will open the Report Wizard.

In order to report on each occurrence within a recurring task series you will need to make sure date filtering is active from within the Report Wizard. To ensure this is happening, click the hyperlinked text that reads EDIT REPORT SETTINGS on the upper left-hand corner of the Report Wizard.


The Date Filtering section should be set to “Due” by default. If it’s not, make this selection and click UPDATE REPORT.


After the report is created, you will see a red EDIT REPORT SETTINGS button within the report. By clicking this button, you will be able to set a date range and choose to select all occurrences within a recurring task series—because date filtering is on behind the scenes.


Click the RUN REPORT button to apply these settings, and you will see a list of all occurrences within recurring task series on the report.

Report Only on the Series Master

To report only on the series master and exclude information on occurrences, set the Due Date Filter to exclude this filtering from within the Edit Report Settings area of the Report Wizard.


Another option would be to leave due date filtering on from the Report Wizard, but simply leave the box unchecked next to “Show All Recurring Task Occurrences” from within the report.


TIP: Setting a Due Date Range

When a date range is active on a report, you can view those details next to the EDIT REPORT SETTINGS button at the top of the report.


You have options when setting a due date range from the Edit Report Settings menu. You can simply type in changes directly within the box. You can also use the arrows to toggle forward in months throughout the year.


Or to bring up options for dates in future years, click the month tile and use the forward arrow to display future years.


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