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Customize Your Task Dashboard

Tailor your Task Dashboard so it displays the most relevant information to your firm. In this article, we’ll explain your many customization options, including how to:

  • Change the Task Dashboard view,
  • Use the search feature,
  • Add filters,
  • Add and remove columns, and 
  • Export information to a PDF or Excel file.

Click here to learn about the Task Dashboard and how to access it. 

Note: Instead of “tasks,” your firm may refer to these units of work as “budget items,” “phases,” “work items,” or “engagements.”


TIP: Use the Task Editor

The Task Dashboard is one way to enter tasks into BigTime. The Task Editor is another way.

Think of the Task Editor as a one-stop shop for entering tasks and task-related information in BigTime. Instead of entering tasks one at a time on the Task Dashboard, you can enter your tasks and task-related information all at once with the Task Editor. Click here to learn more.


Change the Task Dashboard View

Once you’ve created tasks, you can view them in one of three ways: flat view, by project, or by task. You can toggle among these views by clicking the icon with horizontal lines, located on the top-right corner of your window.


Each view is described below:

  • Flat view: a laundry list of your tasks. It looks like this:

  • By project: a hierarchical view that lists each project (in green in the image below) with the tasks beneath. It looks like this:

  • By task: another hierarchical view that organizes your projects and tasks. It looks like this:


    “By task” is only useful if your firm uses task groups because it groups associated tasks together for a given project. In the image above, ABC Studios is the project, and “Write Report” and “Peer Review - 1” are two task groups with tasks under each respective group.

You can drill into task details by clicking on the hyperlinked task name.

Typically, staffers only see tasks that they’re assigned to, but that may vary depending on their permission settings. System admins can see all tasks and can add and edits all task-related details.

Note: System admins can also use the Task Editor to add and edit tasks.

Use the Search Feature

Instead of scrolling through all of your tasks, click on the MAGNIFYING GLASS and have BigTime search for you. Use the text box to type what you’re looking for and BigTime will generate the results.


Add Filters

Click on the FUNNEL icon, located near the top-right corner of your window, to add filters to each column.


Now you can search within a specific column. Click on the black triangle in one of your columns and a picklist will pop up. Check the relevant dialog boxes and click APPLY. BigTime will narrow your list down to the values you've selected.



Add and Remove Columns

Use the gear icon to add and/or remove columns to your task list.


After you click on the gear icon, a picklist will appear.

  • Re-arrange the columns. Click on the intersecting arrows and drag and drop the category to appear as you’d like.
  • Add or remove columns. To add columns, scroll past the “Selected Fields” section, with checked dialog boxes, and you’ll see a list of unchecked dialog boxes. Add more columns by clicking the boxes next to the respective category. Then, click APPLY to add your selections to your project list.

    Remove existing columns by unchecking boxes under “Selected Fields.” Then, click APPLY to save your change(s).

Export Information

Click EXPORT to export your project information as a PDF or Excel file.


Use the articles below to learn more about your filtering and customization options available on the Task Dashboard:

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