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Adding, Editing and Deleting Checklist Items in the Task Tab

When you begin tracking task progress on the project dashboard, you’ll have the ability to create checklist items. Checklist items are designed to be a third level of task tracking; you can add granular detail about assignments, statuses, start/due dates and descriptions to each checklist item. Think of your checklist items as a detailed to-do list: you can mark each once as “complete” once they’ve been finished.

In order to use checklist items, you'll need to activate the feature by navigating to MY COMPANY...ACTIVE FEATURES and checking off the box labeled CHECKLIST ITEMS. Click SAVE, and you'll now be able to start adding checklist items.

To access your checklist item editor, first open a project and navigate to the TASKS tab. Next, click on the sub-tab labeled CHECKLIST ITEMS.


You’ll see a dropdown menu, from which you can select one of your tasks to create a checklist item for. Once you select a task, a field will appear below where you can name your checklist item. In the example below, we’ve created a checklist item under our "UX design" task and named it “Copyediting tooltips”.

Once you’ve named your checklist item, click ADD CHECKLIST ITEM. It will now appear as an item below your task. Click on the gray ARROW to the right side of your checklist item to add more detailed information about it. You can add:

  • A checklist item type (required),
  • Its current status (required),
  • Who the item is assigned to,
  • A start date,
  • A due date, and
  • A description for the checklist item.


Once you’ve added all your details about your checklist items, click the SAVE button at the bottom of your screen.

Once you've completed your checklist item, marking it as complete is easy. Simply check the CHECKBOX next to it's name, and you'll see it be crossed off.

Deleting a Checklist Item

To delete a checklist item, simply click the TRASH CAN icon to the right of the item. After clicking the icon, you’ll be reminded that deleting a checklist item is a permanent action. If you’re confident with your decision to delete, click YES

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