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How To Change Time Zones

BigTime is set to Pacific Standard Time by default. However, you can change the default time zone for your entire firm or for an individual staffer. This article will discuss both options.

Consider updating the time zone if there’s a drastic timezone difference. That way the time your staffers enter is applied to the correct days.

Change Time Zones for Your Entire Firm

How do you change your time zone? Follow these steps:



2. Find the HOME TIME ZONEfield near the bottom of the window. Begin typing your time zone in the smart field, and BigTime will generate the results. Or click on the red triangle and a picklist of time zone options will appear.


3. Click SAVE after you’ve made your selection.


Change Time Zones for an Individual Staffer

If a staffer in your firm works in a drastically different timezone, simply change the time zone preferences for that specific staffer.

Follow these steps to set the time zone on a specific staff member:

1. Navigate to MY COMPANY...STAFF LIST. Here you will find your list of active staff members.


2. Click on a staff member’s name to open up the staff details.


3. Scroll down to the “Budget/Management Settings” on the staffer’s dashboard. You’re looking for “Home Time zone.”

4. Select the appropriate time zone for this staffer by clicking the red arrow, which will generate a picklist of options.


5. Click SAVE CHANGES to save your work.


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