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Set Your Timesheet Bi-Weekly Start Date

How often do you want your staffers to submit their timesheets? Every week? Every other week? Pick from four options: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly. This article will show you how to set a bi-weekly start date.

First, click TIME/EXPENSE...TIMESHEETS from your navigation bar.


Then, click the GEAR icon near the top right corner of your window.


We’ll focus on the top portion of the timesheet format (see the image below). We’ll move left to right in order to set a bi-weekly submission period. 


First Weekday

Begin your timesheets any day of the week. To select a day, click on the red triangle under FIRST WEEKDAY. A picklist will populate and you can make your selection.


Submission Period

Click on the red triangle under SUBMISSION PERIOD, and a short picklist of options will populate. For the purposes of this article, we’ll select Bi-Weekly.  


By choosing “bi-weekly,” then you can specify which week you want to start on. Click on the hyperlink modify bi-weekly start date and you can make your selection.

Entry Rounding

Control the rounding settings for time entered with entry rounding. For example, if Joe enters 2.75 hours for ABC Project, that time can be rounded 3 hours if you select ¼-hour (15 minutes). 

You have six rounding options to choose from, including the option not to round. Click on the red triangle under ENTRY ROUNDING and make your selection.


Click UPDATE TIMESHEET FORMAT to save your changes.


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