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Edit an Activity on the Staff Dashboard

You’ve added an activity to a staffer, but now need to modify or delete it, or even mark it as complete. This article will show you your options.

First, let’s get to an activity. Then, we’ll show you your editing options.

1. Click MY COMPANY...STAFF LIST from your navigation bar. 

2. Click on a staffer’s name on the Staff List.

3. Click on the ACTIVITY tab. 

Your window will look like this:


Now let’s talk about the different ways you can modify an activity.

Edit an Activity

Click on a hyperlinked value under the DUE DATE column to begin the editing process.

The EDIT ACTIVITY window will pop up, where you can modify an existing activity. For example, edit or add the project, type, or task. Click SAVE to save your work.


Mark an Activity As Complete

Your staffer completed their activity, and now you want to mark it as complete. 

Click on the hyperlinked due date in the DUE DATE column.


Scroll to the end of the window and check the box next to COMPLETED. Click SAVE to save your change. This action will remove the activity from the Activity Dashboard.

However, activities marked with this status are easily retrievable. Simply, click on the box next to SHOW COMPLETED and the Activity Dashboard will populate with the completed activities.



Delete an Activity

Deleting an activity is a permanent action. If you choose to delete an activity, then navigate to the activity by clicking on the hyperlinked date range in the Due Date column.

Click the DELETE button to delete the activity.


A small window will pop up to confirm that you want to delete the activity. Click YES to delete the activity. It’ll be removed from your Activity Dashboard.


TIP: Bulk Edit Activities: Mark as Complete or Delete

There’s another way to delete or mark as complete one or more activities: use the Bulk Actions feature. Simply check one or more boxes next to an activity. Then, select Mark Completed or Delete from the picklist.


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