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Use the Timesheet History Tab in the Staff Dashboard

See and edit a staffer’s timesheet submissions on the Timesheet History tab, located on the Staff Dashboard. This article will explain how to:

  • Access the Timesheet History tab.
  • Adjust the timesheet view—week, month, quarter, or year.
  • Use the timesheet functions to see, edit, and delete timesheet details.

Access the Timesheet History Tab

Once in a Staff Dashboard, click the TIME tab.


The image below shows the timesheet history for our staffer by month. You can see the date range for submitted time, as well as details about input and billable hours. 


Adjust the Timesheet View

View a staffer’s timesheet by week, month, quarter, or year by clicking on the respective letter: W, M, Q, or Y. In the example below, we changed the view from monthly to weekly by selecting “W.” Now we can see the weekly timesheet entries for our staffer.


Timesheet History Functions

We’ll explain several timesheet features available within this tab next.


See, Delete, and Edit Timesheet Details

  • Click on the hyperlinked date range for more information on the staffer’s timesheet history. You’ll get details pertaining to each entry, including the project, category, date, and notes.


    Your window will look like the image below:


  • Delete timesheet entries. Under the “Project” column, check the boxes next to the timesheet entries you’d like to delete.


    Then, click on the white triangle next to “Bulk Actions,” and select Delete.

    BigTime will prompt you with a question box to make sure you want to delete the selected timesheet entries. Click YES to delete them.

  • Edit timesheets. Click on a number hyperlink under the HOURS column. A new window will pop up and you can edit timesheet details. 


Customize Your Timesheet View

The points below explain how you can customize the timesheet view.

  • Click on the gear icon to add or remove fields to the Timesheet History. Check or uncheck the boxes next to the field names and click APPLY. Then, click on the crossed arrows and drag and drop the values to rearrange the view.

  • Filter the information in each column. Click on the FUNNEL icon, located by the gear icon. As a result, a triangle will appear next to each column header in the staffers’ timesheet history.


    To use the filter, click on a triangle within a column and select the dates you want to filter. Then, click APPLY.


    To remove the column filters, click on the TRIANGLE icon surrounded by the box (next to the column header) and click the button labeled CLEAR


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