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How To Create and Edit Status Codes

If you’re a system admin, you can add and edit status codes to describe the status of a staffer. By default, each staffer has two statuses to pick from: "terminated" or "active." You can also create your own status code like "parental leave."

This article will explain how to add and edit staff member status codes.

1. Click MY COMPANY....STAFF LIST from the picklist (dropdown menu).

2. Click on a staffer's name. It doesn’t matter which name you select, since the additional value(s) you create will populate in the status picklist for each staffer.

However, applying a status value like "parental leave" to a staffer needs to be done individually.

3. Click on the red triangle under “Status” and select EDIT THESE VALUES from the picklist.mceclip2.png
NOTE: Another way to access status codes is to click MY COMPANY, on the navigation menu, and select FIELD VALUES from the picklist. Click STATUS CODES next, and then click STAFF MEMBER.

4. Click the hyperlink ADD NEW VALUE, once the window pops up.

5. Type the value you want to add into the text box on the right-side of the window.
NOTE: You can click on an existing status code and edit it, too.

6. Click SAVE+NEW near the bottom-right of the window.

7. You can add more values if you wish. When you're done adding values and have saved your work, click the white “X” to close the window.

The status code you created will be added to the status code picklist for all of your staffers. 

If you want to apply a status code to an individual employee, click on the name of the staffer from the staff list whose status you want to change. Once you're on the "basic info" window, click on the red triangle under "status" and select a status. Remember to save your work by clicking "save changes" near the bottom-right of the window.

In our example below, we changed Zach’s status from “active” to “paternal/maternal leave.” 

TIP: Make a Staffer Inactive

When you're editing and adding staff codes, consider making a status value inactive. This means a staffer won’t be able to access BigTime and will be removed from the staff list. You can make a status inactive by checking the box “Items attached to this status are inactive.”

However, you must uncheck this box once the staffer returns to work. Otherwise, they'll be unable to access BigTime.

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