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Editing/Resubmitting Rejected Time

Sometimes mistakes happen and your time entries need to be fixed before they can continue on in your firm’s defined workflow. BigTime makes it easy to review and edit rejected time, view your manager’s comments, and make the appropriate adjustments.


Step by Step

1. Click the TIMESHEETS tab on the navigation bar. Select the TIMESHEETS button.

2. Click the REVIEW/UPDATE button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to your rejected timesheets.

3. Select the time entry you wish to edit. Here you can see your manager’s comments on why this entry was rejected, if he or she provided one.

4. Click the SAVE button once you have finished editing your time.

5. Once you have edited all of your rejected time, select the CLICK HERE button at the bottom of the screen to resubmit your time.

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