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Link Your Okta Account to BigTime

You’ve added the BigTime app to Okta. Now you need to link your Okta account to BigTime, which this article explains. It’ll also show you how to sign in with your Okta account.


Link Your Okta Account to Bigtime

In the Okta Dashboard, click: DIRECTORY...PEOPLE and click the ADD PERSON button. Then, add members of your team. 


Then click the ASSIGNMENTS tab and the ASSIGN button. The users you added in the previous step appear in a dialog. Click the ASSIGN button to grant SSO access to members of your team. 

Now when members of your team sign into Okta and click the BigTime tile, they'll be signed into BigTime without having to enter a separate password. 

Note: In order to establish a link between Okta and BigTime accounts, the Okta user must already have an account setup in BigTime.

To ensure Okta and BigTime can communicate with each other, please note the following:

1. Ensure the user's email address is the same in their Okta account and their BigTime account.

2. Ensure the user for whom you're enabling SSO is an authorized user in the BigTime app within Okta.

When connecting for the first time, the user will need to confirm their email address before they can connect Okta and BigTime. Once they do, they can use their Okta credentials instead of a BigTime username/password to sign into BigTime.


Sign In With Your Okta Account

Once a user's Okta account is connected to BigTime, they can bypass the BigTime sign in screen in two ways.

1. The Okta Dashboard. Users can click on the BigTime App in Okta to automatically sign in.

2. Use BigTime's Okta URL. If you use the Okta shortcut URL, users will bypass all of the sign in screens and enter the application directly. Just bookmark the URL:

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