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Setting Up Invoice Review and Approval

Setting up invoice review and approval is a simple two-step process: select your reviewers and decide whether or not to activate leapfrog—an optional feature that allows you to expedite the review workflow. This article explains the setup process.

Note: The number of approvers varies depending on your BigTime package. Firms with Premier or Projector can set up multiple levels of approval.

Follow the steps below to select your reviewers.

1. Click MY COMPANY...PENDING APPROVALS from your navigation bar.


2. Click on the hyperlink, ADD INVOICE REVIEW TO YOUR WORKFLOW, which is on the Invoices box on the far right of your screen.


3. Create your workflow by adding a reviewer at each approval level.

Under the approver text boxes, click on the RED TRIANGLE and a picklist will appear with four categories: Simple, Departments, Team Roles, or Specific Staffer. Make a selection from the picklist.

Note: Learn more about each category in the section titled “Invoice Review and Approval Options”

You can add as many approvers as you have available. In our case, we can add up to four approvers, but we could choose to add only one, two, or three. Keep a reviewer’s field blank by selecting “None”, which is an option at the top of the picklist.


4. Select the box next to LEAPFROG approvals, if you choose. Leapfrog expedites the review and approval process. For example, if the secondary approver (project manager) approves an invoice before the primary approver (team lead), then the primary reviewer is skipped and the review process continues with the tertiary and final approvers.

However, you don’t have to use leapfrog approvals. By default, this box is not selected. If leapfrog is not activated, then all of the reviewers need to review and approve the invoice before it’s marked “approved.”

5. Click SAVE to save your changes.
Note: Click EDIT SETTINGS to make changes to your list of reviewers.

Now that you’ve set up your workflow, let’s see what it’s like to review and approve invoices! 

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