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See Invoice Approval and Rejection Statuses

You’ve reviewed an invoice, and want to know its status: where is it in the review and approval cycle? This article gives you that answer. Find out who accepted or rejected an invoice, whether or not an invoice is approved, and any invoice details you may find pertinent.

Get the invoice review details you’re after on your Draft Invoices window (see image below). We’ll explain how to:

  • Navigate to this window,
  • Add relevant columns to it, and
  • Understand the many invoice details.


Navigate to the Draft Invoices Window

Get to your Draft Invoices window in just a few clicks. Click INVOICING...OVERVIEW from your navigation bar.


Click DRAFTS and then click on the INVOICES tile itself.

There are three columns that are helpful to include on your Drafted Invoices window:

  • Current Status,
  • Review/Approval Status, and
  • Review/Approval Detail.

We’ll explain how to add these columns next.


Add Columns to Your Drafted Invoices Window

This section shows you how to add relevant invoice-related columns to your Drafted Invoices window.

Click on the GEAR icon, located on the far right of your Drafted Invoices window.


A picklist will populate with all of the fields that you can add or remove from your window. Consider adding these three fields:

Current Status: the current workflow status for each invoice, such as “drafted,” “approved,” or “under review.”

Review/Approval Status: approval status of the invoice, such as “pending,” “approved,” or “rejected.”

Review/Approval Detail: invoice review status (accepted or rejected), reviewer’s name and role, and notes. The notes only show for the last reviewer. For example, the notes from the second reviewer override those from the first one. We’ll explain this field in greater detail in the section below.


Find these fields by scrolling through the picklist and checking the box(es) next to any field(s) you want to add. Move the columns so they appear on your window as you like by clicking on the intersecting arrows, dragging and dropping the field.


Then, click APPLY to apply your changes.


Understand Invoice Details

This is what our Draft Invoices window looks like with the aforementioned fields added:


There’s a lot of information in the REVIEW DETAIL column, so let’s focus on that. Based on the image above, these are the details you need to know:

  • Gray text: the reviewer hasn’t reviewed the invoice.
  • Red text: the reviewer rejected the invoice.
  • Black text: the reviewer was skipped (only pertains to firms using leapfrog).
  • Crossed-out text: the reviewer approved the invoice.

The second place to see an invoice status is on the drafted invoice itself. Access a draft by clicking on the invoice amount, hyperlinked under the AMOUNT column.


Then, click on the PREVIEW tab.


See the reviewers who are reviewing this invoice. A question mark next to the reviewer’s name means no one has reviewed the invoice (see image below).


A green check mark means the invoice has been approved. And a red “x” means that it’s been rejected.

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