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Add the BigTime App to Okta

Say you have an Okta account. You can integrate this account with BigTime. This article will show you how to add the BigTime App to Okta.

Note: This is the first article in a two-part series. 

1. Click MY COMPANY... INTEGRATIONS from your navigation bar.

2. Click on the OKTA tile.

3. Click ENABLE

4. In the Okta Dashboard, click the DEVELOPER CONSOLE dropdown and select CLASSIC UI.

5. Click the ADD APPLICATIONS link under SHORTCUTS in the right panel. Then click the CREATE NEW APP button.

6. Select WEB PLATFORM, SAML 2.0 SIGN ON METHOD, and click the CREATE button. Then enter "BigTime" in the App Name field and upload our logo.

7. Enter the following urls in the following fields:

Enter this url in the SINGLE SIGN ON URL field: ""  

Enter this url in the SINGLE SIGN ON URL field:"" 

Ensure the NAME ID FORMAT and APPLICATION USERNAME fields are set to "EmailAddress" and "Okta Username" respectively.

Enter a new ATTRIBUTE STATEMENT named "CoNm". 

Enter your Firm ID (gtwb-knh-dfmw) in the VALUE field. 

8. Select the I'M AN OKTA CUSTOMER option, check the THIS IS AN INTERNAL APP box, and click the FINISH button.

9. Click the SIGN ON tab and click the VIEW SETUP INSTRUCTIONS button. Then copy the Identity Provider SSO URL, Issuer URL, and Certificate to a temporary file on your PC.

10. Paste the Identity Provider SSO URL (AKA "SAML EndPoint"), Issuer URL, and Certificate into the fields that you see on the integrations page. Click the SAVE SETTINGS button.


Now you’ll want to link your Okta account to BigTime.

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