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Memorizing/Sharing and My Reports

You’ve established report permissions to the user group(s) of your choice and specified what you want report viewers to see: now it’s time to actually make those reports accessible to those staffers. To share reports, you’re also “memorizing” them in the system.

These memorized reports can be shared with report groups you create and choose to extend access. Here’s an overview of how to create those shared report groups and understand the relationship between memorized/shared reports and the MY REPORTS area of BigTime.


Shared Report Groups

When you’re ready to share a report with a particular group or group of staffers, open the one you’d like to share and click the EDIT REPORT SETTINGS button at the top of the report.


This menu will be familiar to you from already having specified various filters and permission settings. It’s in this area that you have the option to SHARE A COPY OF THIS REPORT USING THESE SETTINGS. Check that box, and also select the appropriate report group along with creating a report name. To complete the sharing process, click RUN REPORT.


Creating New Report Groups for Sharing

If you’d like to share a report, but you don’t have any report groups established yet, click the EDIT VALUES option from the picklist to add a new group.


From the Memorized Report Groups settings area, you can edit any existing group or create a new one by selecting ADD NEW GROUP.


TIP: The Connection Between Security Groups and Memorized Report Groups

It’s important to understand the anatomy of memorized report groups for report sharing: they consist of user security groups, which you can create and customize at any time. Learn more about user access rights and creating security groups.

Ultimately, access to reports is determined by the report permissions set by security group from the REPORT PERMISSIONS area, discussed in Restricting Report Access and Content, and making sure those same security groups are included in the memorized report group with which you’re sharing a report.


Shared Reports in My Reports

After clicking RUN REPORT to share a report, it will appear in the My Reports section for that group. This area is accessible from ANALYTICS...MY REPORTS in the menu bar.


Each time you share a report in BigTime, it becomes memorized to this area of the system, but it is also still available in whichever section you published it in the All Reports area of the Report Center.

All staffers have access to their own My Reports page. The difference between most users and administrators, however, is that they will see reports only for the reports they’ve been granted access, according to the report/security groups to which they belong. Admins will see reports for all groups.


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