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How You Can Automate Timesheet Actions

Make the most of your time working with timesheets with the following actions: 

  • Approve multiple timesheets at once.
  • Automatically apply a payroll item, like "hourly" or "salaried," to your employees’ timesheets.

This article will summarize these features, and direct you to specific articles to learn more.


Approve Multiple Timesheets at Once

Use the Bulk Actions feature to approve multiple timesheets at once. This can save you a lot of time when you’ve got multiple staffers submitting timesheets.  

There are two ways to go about it.

Select each timesheet period individually by checking the box next to the entry you want to approve.


Select all timesheet periods for a project, by checking the box next to the project name. All of the timesheet periods associated with that project will be automatically selected. 


Automatically Apply a Payroll Item to an Employee's Timesheet

Have BigTime automatically apply a payroll item, like "hourly" or "salaried," to your employees’ timesheets. 

It’s like a default, so your employees' payroll item is pre-populated in their timesheet. For example, Sue Smith is an hourly employee, so "hourly" is automatically applied to the pay item field in her timesheet. 

Firms appreciate this method because it reduces human error: the payroll item is selected for the employee, instead of relying on the employee to manually select a payroll item from a picklist (dropdown menu). 

Plus, after you create a default, you can create an exception for those special case scenarios, like vacation.

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