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Set Up Invoice Auto-Numbering

BigTime’s invoicing comes equipped with an auto-numbering feature that will create numbers for each of your invoices based on a format and set of terms you choose. To adjust your auto-numbering settings for your invoices, first go to INVOICING…CONFIGURE from your main navigation menu. 

In the CONFIGURE INVOICE SETTINGS window, click on the DEFAULTS tab and find the INVOICE AUTO-NUMBER SETTINGS section.

The FORMAT field in this section will allow you to edit the format your invoice numbers are created and displayed in. Formats in this field follow a lettering system, and you can hover  over the QUESTION MARK icon to learn more about what each letter stands for. 

Here’s a rundown of what each letter stands for:

  • C: Client ID
  • Y: Year
  • M: Month
  • P: Auto-Increment ID
  • T: Project Type
  • R: Project ID

Following this system, an invoice auto-numbering format set as YYMMRRRRRR would create a number that includes the year and month of the invoice and the six project digit ID of its associated project, in that order. 

The value you add to the NEXT ID field will determine the number your auto-numbering invoicing system will start from. Let’s say you set your auto-numbering format as MMPPP, and you create an invoice in April. If you set the value in the NEXT ID field as 1, then the number on your invoice would be 04001.

Below the FORMAT and NEXT ID fields, you’ll see a box labeled ENFORCE UNIQUE INVOICE NUMBER. Checking this box will ensure that none of your invoices share the same number. 

Once you’ve configured your auto-numbering settings the way you’d like, you can click the blue SAVE button at the bottom of your window. If you still have questions about auto-numbering, take a look at this FAQ article to learn more.

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