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FAQ: Invoice Auto-Numbering

  • What are my different formatting options for invoice auto-numbering?

You can control the format in which your invoice numbers are generated by entering a formatting code in your invoice configuration settings (INVOICING…CONFIGURE..DEFAULTS). Your auto-numbering format code follows a lettering system, with each letter corresponding to a different value: 

  • C = Client ID
  • Y = Year
  • M = Month
  • P = Auto Increment Number 
  • T = Project Type
  • R = Project ID

Let’s say you want to include a client’s three digit ID on your invoices. In that instance, you would set your invoice auto-numbering format as CCC, since the letter C corresponds to your client ID.

  • How can I include the month in my invoice number?

As mentioned above, you can configure BigTime’s auto-numbering system to display the month by entering “M” in the auto-numbering format settings field. You have two options when it comes to displaying the month in an invoice number: you can show the month as a number, or as the first three letters of the month name. For example, let’s say you’ve created an invoice in August and want the auto-numbering format to be by month. You could enter MM, which would display the month as 08. You could also enter MMM, which would display AUG on your invoice.

  • What do I need to know about the NEXT ID field?

When you add a value to the NEXT ID field, you only need to set it up if you plan to include an auto increment value (represented by the letter P) in your auto-numbering format. Let’s say you want your invoice to display the year and an incremental value, so you set your auto-numbering format as YYPPP. Now, imagine you want your first invoice number to start with 23 (the year your invoices are created) followed by 100. In this case, you would enter 100 in your NEXT ID field. 

BigTime will automatically create your first invoice with 23100 as the number, and will adjust that number for all following invoices. Your second invoice number would be 23101, and your third would be 23102, and so on.

  • Can I have an incremental value for each of my clients or projects? 

No, any incremental value generated by BigTime will apply to all invoices you create. 

  • I am using the Project ID in my auto numbering format. Why isn’t the entire ID showing in the invoice number?

The number of R’s in your FORMAT field needs to match the number of digits in your project ID. If, for instance, your project ID contains four digits, then you need to enter four R’s in your FORMAT field. 

  • If I delete an invoice, will the NEXT ID number change to reflect the deleted invoice?

No, your NEXT ID number won’t change if you delete an invoice – there will just be a gap in your numbering. If you don’t want to have any gaps in your invoice numbering,  you’ll need to go change your NEXT ID to reflect that in your invoice configuration settings (INVOICE…CONFIGURE…DEFAULTS).

  • How do I ensure I don’t have duplicate invoice numbers?

Check the box labeled ENFORCE UNIQUE INVOICE NUMBER in your invoice configuration settings.

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