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Multi-Currency for Expenses: Staff View vs. Admin View

When multi-currency for expenses is activated, BigTime can look a little different depending on whether you’re a system admin or a staffer. This is because system admins and staffers have different roles when it comes to entering, submitting and approving multi-currency expenses. Here’s a walkthrough of the differences between staff view and admin view when it comes to multi-currency for expenses.


Staff View

Unless they’re granted extra permissions, staffers are limited in what they can do with multi-currency expenses. Staffers can only submit expenses with multi-currency – they cannot edit submitted expenses after the fact, or make changes to expense exchange rates. Just like with other types of expenses, staffers are also only allowed to submit expenses for themselves, and cannot submit multi-currency expenses on behalf of other staffers. They can, however, choose foreign currencies from the currencies list and pick tax rates to apply to their expenses. 


Admin View

System admins (and users with review and approval permissions) have the power to approve or reject submitted multi-currency expenses. They can also make edits and changes to fields that are locked in the staff view. For instance, a system admin could retroactively edit the tax rate associated with the expense, or adjust the exchange rate between the entered currency and their firm’s base currency. Read this article to learn more about editing expenses entered with BigTime’s multi-currency feature. System admins can additionally submit multi-currency expenses on behalf of other staffers. 


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