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How To Activate Multi-Currency for Expenses

BigTime’s multi-currency feature makes it possible to log expenses under any global currency you want. To start using it, you first need to turn the feature on in your company settings. Activating multi-currency for expenses is easy – just follow the steps below!


Activating Multi-Currency for Expenses

1. To activate the multi-currency for expenses sub-feature, you need to navigate to your company settings. Click MY COMPANY from the main navigation menu at the top of your screen, and then click MY COMPANY from the picklist that generates. 


2. A new window will open with your company settings options. At the top of the window you’ll see a number of tabs – click the one labeled ACTIVE FEATURES.


3. You’ll now see all the features available for your use. The toggle buttons allow you to turn on the features you want to use, and turn off the ones you don’t have use for. At the bottom of this list, you’ll see the MULTI CURRENCY: EXPENSES feature. Click the toggle button next to this option to turn the feature on.


If you want to get more info about the multi-currency for expenses sub-feature before turning it on, click the QUESTION MARK on the right side to learn more. You can also check out this article to see a more in-depth walkthrough of multi-currency for expenses. 

4. Once you’ve turned the feature on, click the blue SAVE button at the bottom of your window to save your changes. 


Now, you’re ready to start logging expenses in whatever currency you choose! To explore everything multi-currency features offer you, check out some of these articles:

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