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Deleting Memorized Reports

When you share a report within BigTime, it’s considered memorized and is available from the My Reports page. That means that even if you would like to un-share a report, you can do so without losing the report completely. Here’s a step-by-step guide to removing shared reports from My Reports while still preserving those reports back to the area you first published them in the Report Center.

1. Select ANALYTICS...MY REPORTS in the navigation menu to view your shared reports.

2. Click EDIT REPORTS, located on the upper right of the My Reports page.

3. Click on the trash can icon next to the name of the report for removal. Reports are arranged underneath the name of the report group to which they’re available.

4. Confirm removal by selecting the YES button. By confirming this action, you will be removing it only from this memorized area on My Reports. You will still be able to find this report from ANALYTICS...MY REPORTS in the area to which you originally published it.

If you return to the Report Center, you will still find this report saved in the spot you published it.


TIP: Edit the Memorized Report Group From Edit Reports

From the Edit Reports area, you can also edit or add to memorized report groups. SelectEDIT CATEGORIES, which will open up the Memorized Report Group settings.


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