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Hide and Show Columns in Reports

You’ve created a detailed report for your upcoming quarterly meetings with your employees and managers. However, you only want to share select information with your employees.

An easy solution is to “hide” columns so they don’t appear on the report for your employees. Then, you can add them back in for your manager's report. This article will walk you through the process.  

NOTE: For the purposes of this article, we’ll create a pre-built task-list report and highlight the column details we can add to it. Use this example as a guide for the other reports you create.

Hide Report Columns

First, let’s get to a report and hide some columns.

1. Click ANALYTICS...REPORT CENTER from your navigation bar.

2. Click the TASK LISTS tile, and then click the hyperlink VIEW REPORT.

3. Click the white triangle next to CUSTOMIZE, and then select CUSTOMIZE from the picklist.

4. Add or remove columns, and customize them to fit your needs.

We added many columns that provide detail on costs, charges, and hours. However, we don’t want to show these details with our employees. Instead, we want to hide this information, which we’ll do next.

5. Click on a column.

6. Click on the button, HIDE THIS COLUMN. A small window will pop up, asking if you’re sure you want to hide the column. Click YES to hide it.


7. Click SAVE to save your change. It’s easy to see which columns you’ve hidden. They’ll appear vertically on the side of your report window.

8. Publish your report. 


Show Hidden Columns

Now you’ve created one version of your report for your employees. Now let’s re-show the columns we hid to create another version of the report for the managers meeting.

Note: You can use hidden columns in custom filters without showing the column's information on the report itself.

1. Open the report you just created and published, located under ALL REPORTS on your Report Center.

2. Click on the white triangle next to CUSTOMIZE, and select EDIT THIS REPORT from the picklist.

3. Click on a hidden column. The hidden ones are aligned vertically on the right-side of your window. 


5. Click SAVE to save your change. 

Repeat this process until you’re showing the columns that you want to show on your next report. Then, create and publish the report.

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