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Understand Column Setup in Your Reports

You can add, remove, and customize columns on the reports you create. This article will show you how.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll create a pre-built task-list report and highlight the column details we can add to it. Use the information in this example as a guide for the other reports you create.

1. Click ANALYTICS...REPORT CENTER from your navigation bar.


2. Click the TASK LISTS tile, and then click the hyperlink VIEW REPORT.


3. Click the white triangle next to CUSTOMIZE, and then select CUSTOMIZE FROM THE PICKLIST.

Now we’re ready to work with the columns in this report.


Column Setup Details

Click on a column to add a column.


The column setup will appear, and will look like the image below.


Let’s go through the setup options available to you. We’ll start at the top of the column, and work our way down.

Name (or any other field that populates at the top of your column)- Select a different field at the top of your column. To change the field, click on the red triangle and a picklist will populate. Select an option from the picklist.

Column Label/Heading -This is the header of your column. Type into the text box to add or update a heading. For example, we updated the column header to "Staffer Name." This header appears above the column itself (see image below).


Text alignment- Determine how you’d like the text of your column to appear: left, center, or right. The text defaults to “left” alignment, but you can easily change this by clicking on the red triangle and selecting another option from the picklist.

Drill Down/Link- Select an option under the Drill Down/Link header to make a field clickable. If you have a time detail report, for example, you can make the field “Input Hours” open up to the time entry. That way, it can be edited from the report. Keep in mind that this field is specific to the report and the fields available.

Hide this column- You may not necessarily need a particular field on a report. In this case, it makes sense to hide it. You can always choose to re-show the column.

Save- Click SAVE to save your column information. You can always return to the column and edit it in the future.

+/- buttons- Use these buttons to add or remove a column, respectively. If you click the + button, a gray column will pop up asking you which columns you’d like to add.


Select your columns, then click the hyperlink CLICK HERE to add the columns and close the add columns selection.


Left/Right Arrows- Use the left and right arrows to easily toggle among your columns.

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