Create a Task Summary Report

If you use task groups and sub-tasks, there’s a report that you may find helpful: the Task Summary Report. It allows you to view your data for the overall task group. This article will explain how to access this report and some details you can get from it.

Follow the steps below to access the report:



2. Click on the magnifying glass, and then click on the hyperlink CREATE YOUR REPORT. A new window will pop up.


3. Click TASK SUMMARY from your list of options.


4. Click NEXT, located on the bottom-right of the window.

Now you’ll have to add some columns to the report. Check the boxes next to the fields that you want to appear in your report. You can manually scroll through the options, or type a field into the search box.


Once you’ve added your columns, click CREATE REPORT located near the top-right of your window.

Here’s the benefit: you can see the data for the entire group on one line item. It’s an efficient way to get totals for each task group.


Customize this pre-built report by clicking EDIT REPORT SETTINGS. A new window will pop up and you’ll have several options to choose from. Check the box(es) next to your desired selection and click RUN REPORT.


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