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Subtotaling Transactions in BigTime

Use the “summary/subtotaling setting” in BigTime to customize the details of your T&M invoice. Each option in this setting affects the way time and billing expenses are displayed. Plus, you can use this information in the reports you create.

In this article, we’ll learn how to use the “summary/subtotaling setting,” but first we need to create an invoice in order to access this feature. Follow these steps to create an invoice:

1. Click INVOICING, on your navigation bar, and select OVERVIEW.

2. Click on the box titled DRAFTS.



4. Click on the triangle to populate a picklist (dropdown menu), and select the project you’re creating the invoice for.

5. Click NEXT near the bottom-right of the window.

6. Select TIME & MATERIALS from your invoicing options. This invoice type applies expenses and time from the billing rates we’ve set up.

7. Click NEXT, and you’ll see an invoice summary window. It’ll look something like this:


Using the Summary/Subtotal Setting

Find the SUMMARY/SUBTOTAL SETTING on the left-side of your screen and click on the white triangle. Doing so will populate a picklist of options. Each option affects what and how invoicing information is displayed. And it'll affect how the first page of your invoice will appear once you finalize it.


The last five options in the “summary/subtotal” setting provide the most detail, and have “/rate” in the value: Staff/Rate; Labor Code/Rate; Task/Rate; Group/Rate; Role/Rate. These values update the “quantity” field in the invoice.

Let’s click on a few of the values to see how these settings work.

  • Click STAFFER/RATE from the picklist. This option populates billing rate information for our employee, Mary, in the example below.

    The first line item shows information about Mary’s billable hours: the number of hours she worked, her hourly rate, and the total amount billed for hours worked. The second line item shows the total amount of reimbursable expenses.


NOTE: You’re able type in the fields under “item” and “amount,” in case you need to make a change before you finalize an invoice.

As a comparison, if you choose “By Staff” instead of “Staff/Rate,” the quantity rate will default to “1.” In other words, “By Staff” provides less detail and won’t reveal the number of hours John worked also populate.

  • Click LABOR CODE/RATE from the picklist located on the left-side of the window. 

This option shows the labor code Mary selected when he created his timesheet. 

After you select the option that best fits your needs, don’t forget to click FINALIZE to finalize your invoice.

TIP: Using Summary+Expense Detail

You can use the “Summary + Expense detail” option if you’re posting invoices to QuickBooks. This formatting option posts summarized timesheet lines and expense details to your QuickBooks invoice. Click here to learn more about how to post invoices to QuickBooks.


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