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How To Use Overview/Status Feature in the Task Editor

Use the Overview/Status feature, located in the Task Editor, to get basic information for all of your tasks for a specific project. This article will show you how.

With Overview/Status, you can view:

  • Basic task information,
  • Task billings to date, and
  • Task notes.

We’ll first explain how to access the Overview/Status feature, and then explain each option.

NOTE: This article assumes that you’ve created tasks and have added details, like budgets, assignments, status, or due dates using the Task Editor.

1. Click MY COMPANY…PROJECT LIST. This will take you to your list of projects.


2. Click on a project.


3. Click TASKS located on the navigation bar of the project window.


Doing so will automatically direct you to the Overview/Status feature. Your window will look like this:



Use this feature to get basic information about your tasks at-a-glance. Here, you have three options to choose from:

  • Basic Task Information,
  • Task Billings to Date, and
  • Task Notes.

To toggle among these options, click on the GRAY ARROW, located on the far-right corner.


We’ll explain each option below.


Basic Task Information

From the picklist, select BASIC TASK INFORMATION.


This view shows you:

  • All tasks, hyperlinked on the left-side of the window. Click on a task to add task-related details, like the status and type of task, which are fields also available in the Task Editor itself.
  • Estimates. You can see the estimated hours and expenses for each task. To add fee and expense budgets and accounting information, then click on a task, hyperlinked on the right-side of the window, and select the BUDGET/DATES tab. The information will populate in your window, as show in the image below.


  • Due date, status, and assignments occupy the columns on the far-right of your window.


You can update the information in these columns by clicking on the task, hyperlinked on the left-side of your window. A new window will pop up where you can enter your additions or edits; then click SAVE.


Task Billings to Date

Get a high-level view of your project estimates (hours and expenses) and invoices with the Task Billings to Date view.

Select TASK BILLINGS TO DATE from the picklist.


Your window will look like this:


You can see the estimated hours and expenses for your tasks and invoice statuses. To make changes to your estimates, click on the task hyperlinked on the left-side of your window. Then, click on the BUDGET/DATES tab and make additions or edits; then click SAVE.


Task Notes

Select TASK NOTES from the picklist to see notes associated with each task, as well as some other basic task-related information like due date and status.


Your window will look like this:


Notice in the image above that we don’t have any notes listed. To add a note, click on a task and a new window will pop up. On the GENERAL INFO tab, you can type your note. Click SAVE to save your work.


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